Python with Apache OpenWhisk

Ansgar Schmidt (@ansi)

I am a full time nerd. Really thrilled by technology and love to make and hack. From PCB design, soldering, embedded development to server- backend hacking. Beside way to many small projects I work on a mobile robot based on ROS and try to add human interaction to it. </div>


Tags: devops use-case python web business

OpenWhisk is an opensource implementation of a so called serverless computing platform. At a live presentation I will show how to write an serverless application and how to deal with libraries and events. OpenWhisk is an open source alternative to AWS lambda or MS functions.


Hi, I am a developer advocate working for IBM. Meaning I am a technician and geek not a salesman. In my talk I will give a live demo on how to use the open source implementation of a serverless compute platform called OpenWhisk and help python developers on how to use it and write serverless applications.