Rasa: open source conversational AI to build next generation chatbots

Joey Faulkner (@JoeyMFaulkner)

I am a PhD student in machine learning/astronomy, and an AI researcher at Rasa. We make open source libraries for conversational AI. </div>


Tags: python machine learning deep learning open source chatbot natural language ai business

Soon you will primarily communicate with your computer through conversation. At Rasa, we believe that this revolution in user experience should be available to everyone. In this spirit we have developed open source tools that use machine learning to make chatbots in a developer-friendly interface.


The revolution-in-waiting for user experience is conversational AI, and this revolution should be available to everyone. The ability to communicate with your computer via a fulfilling and useful conversation will change the way we approach user interaction. Recent advances in machine learning have made this goal not only possible to reach, but possible to bring to the developer community at large. At Rasa we have developed a set of open-source Python libraries which can comprehend natural language and handle complex, interesting conversations. We utilise deep learning to bypass existing rigid conversational norms (state machines, if/else statements, etc.) and allow developers to make awesome bots simply by talking to them.