PyCon.DE Data Science Meetup

written by Peter Hoffmann on 2017-09-02

Inovex is known for their great meetups in Karlsruhe. We are very happy that they joined PyCon.DE as a Meetup Sponsor.

There will be a data science meetup at the evening of the first conference day (wednesday 25.10.2017) with the following speakers:

Florian Schild (

Florian Schild is an Artificial Intelligence expert. He was an officer in the Air Force, researcher for the Ministry of Defense, worked in established companies and young start-ups – including from Düsseldorf where he build up the AI-Technology. In his talk, he shows how artificial intelligence can be applied in companies. He provides valuable impulses, such as the conceptualization of AI products and strategies, the development of agile AI teams and the automation of business processes. With his company boot.AI Florian prepares companies for the new digital age so called artificial intelligence.

Marcel Kurovski (inovex)

“People buying X also bought Y”, “Discover Weekly”, “Top 10 for You” - personalization of online services by recommendations surrounds everyone in daily life. To personalize content Amazon, Spotify, Netflix and many more use Recommender Systems and Machine Learning. This development comes along with another remarkable trend around learning machines: Deep Learning. Almost daily we hear about the tremendous progress that makes humans obsolete in more and more domains: skin cancer detection, No-Limit-Hold'em Heads-Up Poker, or speech recognition (No, not yet another Alpha-Go example).

During his master thesis at inovex Marcel Kurovski studied the application of Deep Learning for Recommender Systems. He investigated interesting approaches in this emerging research area. In addition, he developed a system for vehicle recommendation in TensorFlow based on data from a large German online market that extends Google’s Wide and Deep Learning approach. In his talk Marcel will share his insights and those of other big players with you. He will also share his impressions from the very recent ACM RecSys Conference 2017 in Como which is the leading conference for recommender systems.